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Fall Spirit Week
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We have exciting news to share about the first week back to school! With the first week being Fall Spirit Week, SMCHS Administration has approved the following non-uniform spirit dress for all students!

Monday, August 12 (non-uniform) - Class T-Shirt Day. Wear your uniquely designed class t-shirts with pants or shorts with at least a 6" inseam. Freshmen received their class t-shirt back in June and Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can purchase their class t-shirts starting August 9 in the Campus Store. Any freshman that has not received their shirt may pick one up from the Campus Store.

Tuesday, August 13 (non-uniform) - USA Day. And you thought the 4th of July was over…wear school-appropriate Red, White and Blue with pants or shorts with at least a 6" inseam.

Wednesday, August 14 (non-uniform) - Tourist Day. Where did you visit this summer? Wear school-appropriate destination shirts, khakis, safari attire, and accessories (i.e. fanny packs) with pants or shorts with at least a 6" inseam. Flip flops and sandals are not permitted.

Thursday, August 15 (Mass uniform). No spirit dress; wear your SMCHS Mass Uniform.

Friday, August 16 (non-uniform) - Luau Day. Rock your summer uniform or favorite beach-themed clothing! Wear board shorts, Hawaiian shirts, wetsuits, sunglasses, straw hats, etc. with pants or shorts with at least a 6" inseam. Flip flop, sandals, bikinis, surfboards, and boogie boards are not permitted.

Everyone is encouraged to participate! Students who choose not to participate in spirit dress must wear their SMCHS uniform. Please contact activities@smhs.org with any questions. We are excited to welcome everyone back!

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