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This event is for our incoming freshmen and transfer students. SOARientation gets you ready to start your life as an Eagle! SOARientation includes several fun and engaging activities, dynamic presentations, and small group discussions that give new students the opportunity to connect with their new classmates and learn everything they need to know about SMCHS. Not only will students make new friends and form lasting connections, they will start school with an abundance of knowledge and resources that will enable them to successfully begin the school year! Both days are required for incoming freshman and transfer students.

Dinner will be provided.
Dress code: Any SMCHS T-shirt with appropriate non-uniform bottoms with at least a 6" inseam. Yoga pant/leggings/jeggings may only be worn with a shirt length that reaches your thumb when arms are extended down on your side. Footwear must be closed toe/closed heel. No hats allowed.

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