ASB Card

SMCHS is excited to announce the 2019-2020 ASB Card, available now to all SMCHS students! Purchasing an ASB Card is not only a great way to support SMCHS Activities and students, but also the best way to save money throughout the year. The ASB Card offers discounts to all SMCHS dances, ASB events, Eagle Pack trips, and much more (including some discounts in our community!). There are two levels of ASB Card, depending on your grade level.

How does the ASB Card Work? ASB Cards are a special version of your normal student ID card and also tied to an online account. ASB Card memberships are available for purchase at the link at the bottom of this page through the SMCHS SimpleTix Store. After purchasing, you will receive a welcome email with a hyperlink that will take you to discounted tickets. As long as you are logged into this account when you purchase tickets to SMCHS ASB/Activities Events, you will receive a discount for the student attached to the ASB Card account. Upon purchasing the membership, students will also receive a special student ID card that will identify them as ASB cardholders for discounts in the community.

Why should I get an ASB Card? If you participate in SMCHS social events, we highly recommend purchasing an ASB Card Membership. Not only are you supporting SMCHS Activities, but you are guaranteeing the lowest possible pricing on event tickets and saving hundreds of dollars throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

Which ASB Card Should I Get? If you are in grades 9-11, you should purchase the regular ASB Card. If you are a senior, you should purchase the senior ASB Card. See below for more information about the benefits of each card.

What do I get if I purchase an ASB Card?

  • The ASB Card guarantees discounted pricing on events including, but not limited to, Back to School Dance, Homecoming Dance, Winter Formal, Spring Social Event, Prom, Food Trucks, Eagle Pack, and more. Other benefits include free replacement ID Cards if you lose yours, a discount on your class t-shirt, and community discounts (see below).
  • The Senior ASB Gold Card includes all the perks of the 9th-11th grade ASB Card, with additional discounts on the Senior Cruise, Grad Night, extra Graduation Tickets, Senior Awards Video, and more.

What community discounts can I get with the ASB Card?

  • AMP Sports Med and Recovery: SMCHS ASB CARD EXCLUSIVE Complimentary New Patient Appointment and special pricing ($29 off) on follow-up appointments! Note: does not include addons (i.e. adjustments, cupping, tape or on merchandise.)
  • CCPrep: 10% discount on AP Reviews when you show your ASB Card!
  • More to come!

How much does it cost? The ASB Card for 9th-11th grade costs $125, and the Senior ASB Card costs $225. Both ASB Cards guarantee hundreds of dollars in savings on events throughout the year.

Quick Guide to Using Your ASB Card

  1. Purchase your ASB Card Membership through SimpleTix using the proper link below (9th-11th grade ASB Card or Senior ASB Card). Unlock discounts via the welcome email you will receive after purchasing.
  2. Receive your physical ASB Card when you get your ID Card at the beginning of the year (if you have purchased by August 9) or from the Activities Office after August 9th. Please bring your order confirmation to picture day.
  3. Buy event tickets throughout the year using your SimpleTix account info attached to the ASB Card and SAVE $$$.
  4. Show ASB Card at community partners above to receive discounted pricing!

How do I buy an ASB Card? It's easy! Simply click on the appropriate buttons above. After going through the purchase process, you will receive an email with a link to find discounted tickets on eligible events.

Please note that refunds are not available on an ASB Card after purchase. Thank you for your understanding.