ASB Card

SMCHS is excited to announce the 2023-2024 ASB Card, available now to all SMCHS students! Purchasing an ASB Card is not only a great way to support SMCHS Activities and students, but also the best way to save money throughout the year. The ASB Card offers discounts to all SMCHS dances, ASB events, Eagle Pack and more.

This year, we will be offering freshman ASB Cards for $75 per student, sophomore and junior class ASB Cards for $100 per student and senior ASB Cards for $150 per student 

The checkout process will require you to create a SimpleTix account (if you have not done so already) and create a password. Students, we prefer you use your SMCHS email as the primary username. Then, when you buy event tickets throughout the year, simply ensure you are logged into your account that you created when purchasing the ASB cards, and your discounts will automatically be applied!

How does the ASB Card Work?
ASB Cards are a special version of your normal student ID card that is also tied to an online SimpleTix account. You use the online SimpleTix account to redeem discounts on dances and special event tickets.

Why should I get an ASB Card?
If you participate in SMCHS social events, we highly recommend purchasing an ASB Card Membership. Not only are you supporting SMCHS Activities, but you are guaranteeing the lowest possible pricing on event tickets and saving money  throughout the school year.

What do I get if I purchase an ASB Card?
ASB Card:
Guarantees discounted pricing on events including, but not limited to, Back to School Dance, Homecoming Dance, Winter Formal, Fall, Winter and Spring Social Event, Prom, Eagle Pack, and more. Other benefits include a discount on your class t-shirt.

Senior ASB Card: Includes all the perks of the 9th-11th grade ASB Cards, with additional discounts on senior activities including Senior Cruise and Grad Night.

How much does it cost?
The ASB Card for the 2023 - 2024 school year is currently $75 for freshman, $100 sophomores and juniors; $125 for class of 2023 seniors with savings on events throughout the year.  

Quick Guide to Using Your ASB Card

  1. Purchase your ASB Card Membership through SimpleTix using the link above. 
  2. Receive an ASB ID card.
  3. Buy event tickets throughout the year using your SimpleTix account info attached to the ASB Card and SAVE $$$. Make sure you are logged in to the account used to purchase the ASB Card.

How to Make a Purchase with your ASB Card

  1. Go to SMCHS.SimpleTix.com  
  2. Click into the " Store of your choice"
  3. In the store Click “Buy Tickets”
  4. Bottom Right Corner you will see “Have a SimpleTix account? Login Now”  - Click and follow prompt to log in.
  5. You must login with the same email address you used to buy your ASB Card membership with.
  6. Once logged in to your SimpleTix account you will see the option to purchase ASB Card Member Ticket, or the discounted price will automatically be applied.

 Please note that refunds are not available on an ASB Card after purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

SM Yearbook ASB Card Membership 

  Retail Price ASB Card Price
SM Yearbook $180 $130


Freshman ASB Card Membership $75

  Retail Price ASB Card Price
Back to School Dance $40 $20
Class T-Shirt $30 Included
Eagle Pack (each) $40 $20

Sophomore / Junior ASB Card Membership $100

  Retail ASB Card Price
Homecoming $80 $50
Class T-Shirt $30 $15
Eagle Pack (each) $40 $20
Back to School Dance $40 $20
Parking Permit
$125 $100

Senior ASB Card Membership $150

  Retail ASB Card Price
Homecoming $80 $50
Class T-Shirt $30 $15
Eagle Pack $40 $20
Back to School Dance $40 $20
Senior Cruise $100 $80
Parking Permit $125 $100