About SMbly Required

SMbly Required high school robotics team was founded in 2015 to provide students with
the unique experience of working as an engineering team to build a robot and compete
at the world level.

Our team is given six weeks at the beginning of the year to build a robot to meet the challenge at hand, which is completely different each year. Members of the team can be involved in a variety of wars, be it business, engineering, programming, marketing, manufacturing, or community outreach – there is always a place for a student within our team. Through our program, students will be challenged with making decisions, will learn life-long skills such as obtaining certifications for computer-aided design, gaining programming experience, and working in a business-like environment at an early age. Through FIRST robotics, students gain access to over $50 million in scholarships, obtain real world engineering skills, and will become part of an alumni network to aid them in the process of obtaining internships and careers in their future.

2018 Summer Program

Robotics summer program is available for all incoming freshmen and current SMCHS students. Students will be working as a team on various projects and inter-team competitions designed to train them in all aspects of STEM. The projects will range from short inter-team vex challenges to designing and building a lift system for the curtain backdrop in our gym. In addition to learning the hard skills needed for engineering, students will also be working on soft skills like leadership, organization, and group dynamics. Students will also be required to participate in team business meetings every week. Students will be expected to work individually outside of meetings to complete projects.

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2018 Summer Program Schedule

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