SMbly Required high school robotics team was founded in 2015 to
provide students with the unique experience of working as an engineering
team to build a robot and compete at the world level.

our team

Any questions regarding the Robotics Program can emailed to Chase LeBlanc, Robotics Director at robotics@smhs.org 

Members of the team can be involved and gain experience in:
  • Business/Marketing
  • Computer Aid Designing (CAD)
  • Engineering
  • Programming
  • Manufacturing
  • Community outreach

Through FIRST robotics students gain:Access to over $50 million in scholarships

  • Obtain real world engineering skills
  • Work one-on-one with professional mentors
  • Receive hands on experience
  • Become part of an alumni network to aid them in the process of obtaining internships and careers in their future.

For more information regarding the team, follow @SMblyRequired5805 on Instagram and @SMblyRequired on Twitter!