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Policies and Guidelines

Make sure to carefully read and understand all club policies, as the policies and application have changed. All clubs, even those who were approved during the 2022 - 2023 school year, must reapply for the 2023 - 2024 school year.

2023-24 Club Policies & Guidelines

Club Applications

  • Club applications are accepted throughout the year (until February).
  • Club applications will be reviewed the first week of each month by SMCHS ASB Commissioners of Student Clubs.  Any questions about clubs can be sent to clubs@smhs.org

2023 - 2024 Club Application

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Get involved! Students interested in joining a club may do so at any point during the school year.
2023 - 2024 Clubs
American Computer Science League (ACSL) - Academic

Computer science/math based club, teaching topics that are covered on the American Computer Science League competition. Compete as a team in the competition.

Moderator: Mr. Huerta huertai@smhs.org                                                    
President: Kaitlyn L

American Sign Language Club  - Academic 

Teaching different signs and teach other students more about the Deaf community. 

Moderator: Alexis Cowden cowdena@smhs.org                                              
President: Brinkley J. 

Animal Rescue Club - Service

The purpose of this club is to make the lives of struggling animals in shelters better. Participating in a mix of service opportunities such as crafting animal supplies, holding donation drives, promoting the fostering and adoption of the animals, and volunteering at the shelters in person when possible. 

Moderator: Mr.Ammann ammanna@smhs.org                                             
President: Kailey R. , Emily E. 

Art Therapy and Hospice Care Club - Service

The Art Therapy and Hospice Care Club has a dual purpose: raising awareness about hospice care and promoting the healing power of art. This club serves as a platform to raise awareness and support for hospice care, empowering caregivers, families, and patients facing end-of-life challenges. Through art therapy workshops, we provide a space for students to reflect and relax. By engaging in volunteer activities and offering companionship to patients, our club members will have the opportunity to cultivate empathy, compassion, and a profound understanding of the human experience during life's final stages. 

Moderator: Mr. Robison robisonj@smhs.org                                        
President: Xinqi S.  

Baking for Good - Service

Students would bring homemade baked goods to the Aegis elderly home, help with the activity center tasks, and interact with the members.

Moderator: Mrs. Fisher fisherk@smhs.org                                                
President: Bella M.

Bracelet Club - Social

Learn about and listen to pop icon Taylor swift while making friendship bracelets.

Moderator: Ms. Abdelmuti  abdelmutij@smhs.org                                            
President: Sasha C. 

Buddies Beyond Boundaries - Service

Members will be devoted to forming meaningful connections with individuals from local Down syndrome organizations. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment that encourages mutual personal growth and acceptance. 

Moderator: Mr. Bellosi bellosid@smhs.org                                      
President: Rachel P.

C.H.A.N.G.E. Club - Social                                                  

Challenging Human Apathy by Nurturing Global Empathy or C.H.A.N.G.E. is a club recently created for all SM students interested in learning more about themselves and each other. The purpose of the club is to learn about and discuss many different racial, gender, socioeconomic, etc. issues prevalent in our world today, while simultaneously learning more about each other and our different cultures. We intend to have in depth discussions about relevant topics in the world today that provides representation to different cultures, ethnic groups, etc.

Moderator: Ms. Bigdeli bigdelib@smhs.org                                                     
President: Noah T.  

CASA Teens Club - Service                                                   

CASA Teens or court appointed special advocates, first founded in Corona Del Mar is a program which organizes way to provide for youth in crisis. Each year CASA staff and volunteers collaborate to donate money and other necessities to help children in need. Some activities the SMCHS students would be participating in are hand-tied blankets, envelop packaging, the pin wheel project, etc.

Moderator: Mr. Jerger  jergerm@smhs.org                                                     
President:  Kate J.

Careers in Business - Social

This club is intended to provide insights and exploration into potential careers in business such as Private Equity, Investment Banking, Consulting, etc. Each meeting we will provide background and information regarding each potential job consisting of job description, pay/rate, weekly hours, background education, and more. Along with this, we will provide case studies that we will tackle which pertain to each career, utilizing necessary skills required in each feld. Another overarching goal is to aid club members in finding a field or even specific job that they want to pursue in college.
Moderator: Mr. Blanc blancr@smhs.org                                                  
President:  Logan K., Samuel S.

Catholic Relief Service - Service

The Catholic Relief Services Club works hand-in-hand with the real Catholic Relief Services organization to put together opportunities for the Santa Margarita Community to give alms for them to be distributed to countries in need. As a club on campus, we also work to raise awareness for critical issues affecting our world such as the lack of basic necessities, and climate change. We have several events set up throughout the year to provide the school with chances to support the causes the Catholic Relief Services Organization does. These events would include Fair Trade Fridays, a Canned Food Drive(s) (For Thanksgiving and other times of the year), a Christmas Coat Drive, and our CRS Rice Bowl Lenten Collection.  

Moderator: Mr. Swoboda  swobodaj@smhs.org 
President: Grace K.

Chess Club - Social

The purpose of the club is to provide tournaments, tutorials, and other activities about chess for students.

Moderator: Ms. Frater fraterj@smhs.org                                         
President: Jiahao W.

Classics Club - Academic

The purpose of this club is to help promote the study of Latin, Philosophy, and ancient history. Planning to attend Latin Masses. Also have meetings to further discuss and work on projects or assignments in either Latin or Philosophy.

Moderator: Mr. Gerlach gerlacht@smhs.org
President: Sage R. 

Coding Networks - Service

The purpose of this club is to help promote the study of Latin, Philosophy, and ancient history. Planning to attend Latin Masses. Also have meetings to further discuss and work on projects or assignments in either Latin or Philosophy.

Moderator: Mr. Gerlach gerlacht@smhs.org
President: Sage R. 

Comfort Cross Club - Service

Students work together and with outside organizations to support those who are struggling with physical illnesses, providing handmade crosses and prayer cards.  

Moderator: Ms. Schmidt schmidtk@smhs.org                                                
President: Brooke & Emma M

Cultural Enrichment Club - Social

Club intends on bringing out all cultures of SMCHS so people can learn and educate themselves on new cultures.

Moderator: Ms. Delain delainc@smhs.org                                        
President: Zaid B. 

Dressember Club - Social

The Dressember Foundation is an anti-trafficking non-profit organization that generates awareness and fundraises for programs fighting human trafficking.

Moderator: Mrs. Gordon gordonc@smhs.org                                                
President: Kelly D.

Eagle Outreach Club - Service

Eagle Outreach's mission is to bridge and unite the gap in our community, but also in the world. We complete service projects every month to complete this mission such as making hygiene/holiday kits, volunteering at food pantries, and donating stuffed animals to hospitals and refugees with cards that have messages of support.

Moderator: Ms. Marcantonio marcantonioa@smhs.org
President: Grace G.

Eagles for CHOC Club - Service 

Eagles for CHOC Club supports CHOC Hospital in Orange and California. We make blankets, digital cards, record stories for patients, and collect donations. We also participate in the Eagles for CHOC Christmas Sock Drive. CHOC or Children's Hospital for Orange County, houses many child and teenage patients, and these hospitals can often feel like a very isolating experience. Our club is focused on the teens at CHOC and emphasizes providing them joy during their stay there.

Moderator: Mrs. Volpo & Ms. Wood volpol@smhs.org woodr@smhs.org           
President: Kathleen S.

Eagles for the Environment - Social

Eagles For The Environment hopes to promote recycling to our student body. We plan to create a campus-wide recycling initiative, educate our student body on the importance of recycling, and positively impact our community. We hope to preserve the prosperity and well-being of the environment around us to provide healthy circumstances for future eagles. 

Moderator: Mr. Coe coes@smhs.org                        
President: Sophia D. and Charley W. 

ESports - Social

Students compete together against other local schools in a variety of e-sport games. 

Moderator: Mr. LeBlanc  leblancc@smhs.org 

Faith in the Flock - Social

Faith in the Flock is a club dedicated to providing Catholics, Christians, or anyone serious about their faith journey additional opportunities to practice their faith both on and off campus. We've got a number of ideas for opportunities like morning masses and adoration and reconciliation opportunities, as well as a number of non sacramental ideas like bible study, discussion groups, rosaries, prayer intentions, service opportunities, and a number more. The goal ultimately is to create a community on campus for students to be a part of to develop and practice their faith without judgement.

Moderator: Mr.Visconti viscontip@smhs.org                      
President: Hayden S.  

Film Production Club - Social

Film Production Club introduces students interested in film to the basic techniques and concepts of filmmaking to intensify students' skills and understanding of film production. 

Moderator: Mr. Naylor naylort@smhs.org
President: Rayer Z. 

Fishing Club - Social

For students interested in fishing; they join together and build a strong sense of community around an activity all members love. 

Moderator: Mrs. Fisher fisherk@smhs.org
President: Douglas N. 

Future Business Leaders of America - Academic 

FBLA aims to provide a environment for business-oriented students to gather in a community to nurture and explore their interest in this field. As a club, we aim to nurture business leadership by:
Providing and instructing members to participate in various business/economics/finance competitions. Nurturing a entrepreneurial mindset by encouraging members to innovate bravely. Educate members about business expertise: such as composing a business report, microeconomics analysis. Encourage business leadership by fostering communication across the club

Moderator: Ms. Zhang zhangd@smhs.org
President: Xihao H.

Girls Mentoring and Networking Club - Social

The purpose of the Girls Mentoring and Networking Club is to educate girls on the importance of finding mentors and being mentors. It helps create support networks for academics, passion projects, and social issues. In this club, we will provide advice to help middle school girls prepare for high school, as well as advice from junior/senior girls to help freshman/sophomore girls, and advice from college girls to help high school girls.

Moderator: Ms. Sotelo sotelod@smhs.org 
President: Juliana L. 

Habitat for Humanity  - Service 

Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit housing organization working in local communities across all 50 states in the United States and in more than 70 countries around the world. Habitat’s vision is of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Habitat works toward our vision by building strength, stability and self-reliance in partnership with people and families in need of a decent and affordable home.

Moderator: Mr. Rutherford rutherfordw@smhs.org
President: Ward J. 

Helping Hands - Service 

For our club Helping Hands, we incorporate younger communities with senior living homes. We do simple activities such as painting nails, braiding hair, playing board games, card games with the people in these homes. 

Moderator: Mrs. Wilhelm wilhelmb@smhs.org
President: Kylie M.  

Houdini Magic Club - Service 

Students perform magic tricks that range from cool card tricks to tricks that include props for locals seniors.  

Moderator: Ms. Zhang zhangd@smhs.org  
President: Gabriel P. 

International Students Club - Social 

Students come together to educate and celebrate the events and traditional festivals for the home countries of our international students . All students are welcome. 

Moderator:  Ms. Montoya montoyal@smhs.org
President: Junjie H.

International Thespian Society Talon Theatre Troupe - Social

Taking part in the international thespian society. Can attend a State Thespian Festival as well as the International Thespian Festival every year. 

Moderator: Ms. Kemmerer kemmerek@smhs.org
President: Jane H.

Intro to Real Estate Investing - Social

The purpose of the Intro to Real Estate Investing Club is to educate fellow SM students about the opportunities that real estate investing offers when evaluated correctly. In this club, we will go over the fundamentals of real estate including evaluating housing market trends, purchasing properties, looking at how to turn real estate into cash flow, and how to grow your portfolio for future appreciation. Our goal, as a club, is that our club members leave with the knowledge to invest in real estate with confidence and tools to expand their wealth.

Moderator: Mr. Dolensky dolenskya@smhs.org
President: Braden M. 

Jazz Club - Academic

This club is intended to explore a wide range of music extending beyond the classical repertoire that is taught in the classroom. 

Moderator: Mr. Rowe rowed@smhs.org
President: Jacog W., Emma L. 

Jessie Rees Foundation (NEGU) - Service

The Jessie Rees foundation was inspired by 12-year-old Jessica Joy Rees. who fought two brain tumors from March 3rd, 2011to January 5th, 2012. From the hospital while receiving treatment, Jessie focused on spreading hope, joy, and love to other kids battling cancer to help ease the burden of feeling lonely, labeled, and limited. She shared her positive message of never giving up and created JoyJars, plastic jars stuffed with toys and activities. The Jessie Rees Foundation's mission is to encourage every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up! 

The SMCHS NEGU club's purpose is to support the foundation by helping to build the JoyJars for kids fighting cancer, spread information about the foundation's mission, host "Courageous Kids" at SM sporting events, and participate in foundation fundraisers and activities such as the Santa Stroll and the crazy sock drive.

Moderator: Mr. Ammann ammanna@smhs.org
President: Luke S.  

JSA (Junior Statesmen of America) Club - Academic

The JSA is a club which goes hand-in-hand with the Model United Nations program here at Santa Margarita due to the real-world topics and debates which take place throughout meetings.  

Moderator:  Mr. Smith smitht@smhs.org 
President: Dorsa K 

Keys 2 Happiness Club - Service

Our club purpose is to spread happiness by performing music, currently in local senior homes. We also host free music camps for kids who would like to learn to compose.  

Moderator: Ms. Duncan DuncanA@smhs.org 
President: Evelyn W.  

Kits 4 Care - Service

Kits 4 Care will have a positive impact on our community by providing the Orange County Rescue Mission’s outreach program and the homeless with hygiene and care supplies.  

Moderator: Ms. Schmidt schmidtk@smhs.org
President: Sofia I. and Sonia G. 

Live Love L'Arche - Service

In our club we meet with the L'Arche community once a month on a saturday. L'Arche is a community of adults with special needs and we hang out with them for a couple hours. We switch off going to their houses and coming to sm. We do different activities like arts and crafts!

Moderator: Mr. Green greend@smhs.org 
President: Mia B. and Randi I. 

Live Like Jojo Foundation - Service

Live Like Jojo was started by the San Clemente Cline family, who tragically lost their child, Jojo, at the age of seven to mitochondrial deletion syndrome. The club will assist the foundation in bringing joy to children who spend a lot of their time in hospitals, through the creation of Sunshine and Thanksgiving Boxes, as well as fundraising. The foundation holds a firm value in moments, as they hope to provide hope to families majorly struggling with their child's illness, and specifically hopes to raise awareness for children battling metabolic illnesses like Jojo.

Moderator: Mr. Galvez galveze@smhs.org
President: Hannah C. 

Mission Possible - Service

In this club, we will be partnering with Mission Hospital in various wards to bring handmade blankets to patients in need. We will meet every 1-2 months to make the blankets, and I will bring them to the hospital. Fabric and materials will be pre-bought by me.

Moderator: Mrs. Gordon gordonc@smhs.org
President: Elena S. 

Miracles for Kids - Service

The Miracles for Kids club is directly connected and works with the official non-profit organization, Miracles for Kids. They help families with food, clothing, shelter and more—so they can focus on the care their child needs. 

Moderator: Mr. Cuhna cuhnaj@smhs.org
President: Chloe C.

Music Production - Academic

The purpose of this music production club is to provide a creative and collaborative platform for individuals who have an interest in music, particularly those who want to compose their own music using software like Logic and GarageBand. The club aims to foster a supportive and inspiring environment where members can come together to create, learn, and share their musical talents.

Moderator: Mr. Puebla pueblar@smhs.org
President: Tianyi S.

National Art Honor Society Club - Humanitarian

NAHS encourages high school art students to promote the arts around campus through events and activities. 

Moderator: Mrs. Harrell harrelln@smhs.org   

Operation Help a Hero - Service

The purpose of the club is to help assist Operation Help a Hero by making supplies for them such as decorating welcome home posters and bags for their welcome home drives. They work at Camp Pendleton and specialize in events for military coming home from deployment.

Moderator: Mrs. Hayden haydenm@smhs.org
President: Madeline H. and Lauren R. 

OC Alzheimer's Club - Service

This club works with different NGOs associated with alzheimer's. We volunteer in different events supporting Alzheimer charities. 

Moderator: Mr. Cou coug@smhs.org
President: Monica K. 

Pickleball Club - Social

Play pickleball and make a community at the school.

Moderator: Mr. Coe coes@smhs.org
President: Julian C., Ryan W.

Psych with Paws - Academic

Psych with Paws aim to produce informative media content that will be established on the club's independent website, utilizing digital media design and marketing skills of students. 

Moderator: Mr. Robison robisonj@smhs.org
President: Grace L. 

Psychology and Neuroscience - Academic

The purpose of this club is to educate the students of SMCHS about the various fields of psychology and neuroscience and how they are applicable to the real world. The club supports the American Psychological Association.

Moderator: Ms. Gavin gavins@smhs.org
President: Natalie M. 

Python Club - Academic

This club is aimed at providing a collaborative learning environment for aspiring web developers wanting to become well-acquainted with the Python programming language through theory and practice. One of the easiest high-level languages in existence, Python is extremely versatile, user-friendly, and popular. Such giants as Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, Dropbox, Uber, and Reddit are some examples of the numerous applications based on Python. One of the fundamental objectives of this club is familiarity with the structure and interpretation of computer programs. Through interesting individual or group activities, the participants can expect to create games and basic algorithms.

Moderator: Dr. Cozean cozeank@smhs.org
President: Zeyu Z. 

Reading Between the Spines - Academic

The purpose of our club is to provide SM's book lovers with a welcoming community where we can speak about our favorite books and read together.

Moderator: Mr. Trotter trotterd@smhs.org
President: Elizabeth S. 

Red Cross Club - Social

The purpose of a Red Cross Club is to serve our community through service, education, and leadership. Some activities members would participate in would be service projects and possible blood drives. 

Moderator: Mr. Visconti viscontip@smhs.org
President: Emma G. Diya S.

SMbled Robotics- Academic

Compete in the FRC Robotics, where students build, create, and innovate with student lead robotics teams. Learn hands on skills such as CAD, Programming, Electronics, and Manufacturing. Learn, collaborate, and experience many fields of STEM.

Moderator: Mr. LeBlanc leblancc@smhs.org  
President: Varun M., Sam Q., Ben C. Josh C.

SMCHS FAM Club - Service

The purpose of this club is to offer another way for other students to get service and a way to volunteer. My older brother started the club and he saw that it was difficult for him to get service, so he started the club and volunteered at FAM with his friends. FAM stands for Family Assistance Ministry and it works to combat homelessness through combating hunger. By combating hunger, it takes that need for food off of the list on things that people need to use their money for. The club will meet and discuss the new FAM opportunities. Opportunities include a recurring signup genius with dates to volunteer and ways to help FAM. 

Moderator: Ms. Nunes nunesa@smhs.org 
President: Claire R.

SM Flying Club - Social

The SM Flying Club hosts aviation events, allows students to meet other people with the same interest, and has gotten students flying real Cessna 172 airplanes.

Moderator: Mr. Blanc BlancRon@smhs.org
President: Liam D. 

Rubik's Cube and Puzzles Club - Social

Let everyone enjoy the fun of solving Rubik's Cubes and other twisty puzzles~ It's never too late to start being a cub3r! Also, you DO NOT have to be smart to join the club.

Moderator: Mrs. Crede credek@smhs.org
President: Eric D. 

Save the Nest - Service

This service club is directed towards helping the environment and people in multiple ways. It will also work with many non-profit organizations such as The Ecology Center, Project Hope Alliance, Pathways of Hope, etc. The goal is to benefit not only the people in their day-to-day lives but also the area in which they reside. 

Moderator: Ms. Sotelo sotelod@smhs.org
President: Diya S. and Reese D. 

SM Ballet Club - Social

The purpose of this club is to unite people who have a common interest in ballet whether that is they train at a ballet school outside of SM or they just want to watch a ballet and learn more about the art.  This club will have scheduled ballet classes monthly for interested members and opportunities to watch a ballet. 

Moderator: Ms. Thilken thilkent@smhs.org 
President: Jasmine G. 

SM Economics Club - Academic

We focus on the development of economics education, competitions such as National Economics Challenge, Economics World Cup, John Locke Essay Competition, Harvard Economics Competitions, and extra studies on current economics related events.

Moderator:  Mr. Kuhl kuhlw@smhs.org
President: Yifei G.

SM Pre-Med Club - Academic

The purpose of the SM Pre-Med Club is to provide students opportunities to explore the medical field. Students interested in medicine will explore the path to medical school and the variety of jobs in the medical field. In addition, we invite guest speakers to talk about their profession and their own medical journey. We teach students how to complete surgical sutures with specialized kits. 

Moderator:  Mr. Don Rutti ruttid@smhs.org
President: Ashley C. 

SMCHS Science Club - Academic

In the SMCHS Science Club, we will provide a space for students to express their passion for science and all of its diverse disciplines. Through this club, we will hold talks on the latest scientific news and perform simple physical and chemical experiments for fun. The club's ultimate goal is to create a team to participate in our local Science Bowl competition, demonstrating the academic skills of SMCHS students. 

Moderator:  Mr. Huerta huertai@smhs.org
President: Raymond Y.  

SM Students for Life - Social

This club exists to bring awareness to the issue of abortion, especially on a Catholic school campus. We work to support mothers going through unplanned pregnancies. We support the Life Center of Santa Ana, which is a resource center for unprepared mothers. We have done drives, donations and volunteering here. We strive to build a culture of life and to recognize the dignity of each human person in accordance with Catholic social teaching.

Moderator:  Mr. Hickey hickeyk@smhs.org
President: Dorathy L. 

Social Analysis Club - Social

Social Analysis Club dedicates on both different kinds of social science activities and fun social experiments which eventually will be presented through video making. 

Moderator:  Mr. Robison robisonj@smhs.org
President: Yixuan X. 

Speech and Debate - Academic

An extension of the speech and debate class. We intend to enter in, and compete in debate tournaments. We will grow students speaking skills, especially in public setting.

Moderator:  Mr. Cunha cunhaj@smhs.org
President: Daniel V. 

Surfrider Foundation Club - Service

The purpose of the club is to protect and improve the environment of our local beaches. This club is a high school branch of the Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to service to the world's beaches founded in 1984 Malibu, CA with headquarters in San Clemente. 

Moderator:  Mr. Trotter trotterd@smhs.org
President: Cole M. 

Talon Tutors - Service

Students do lessons to assist with homework in both art and STEM based experiments.  They also work with SM students making preset learning videos and one on one tutoring. 

Moderator: Ms. Thomas thomask@smhs.org
President: Bernardo N.   

Taste of Traditions - Social

The primary goal of our club is to bring together students from diverse family and cultural backgrounds by immersing them in the culinary traditions of their cultures. We aim to illustrate how food can serve as a profound representation of culture, history, and tradition, all while fostering a deeper understanding of various cultures and increasing cultural awareness among our members.

Moderator: Ms. Zhang zhangd@smhs.org
President: Yujun W.    

The Crochet Club - Social

The purpose of my club is for them to have fun while doing so learning a skill that can be helpful in many ways. My plan for this club is for it to help people while having fun, I wish for my club to crochet things and give back to our medical community and many more.

Moderator: Ms. Asher asherj@smhs.org
President: Si Q.    

The French Culture Club - Social

The purpose of this club is to spread the french culture and teach about the history of France. We will do this through interactive activities and direct interaction with the culture through things like food. 

Moderator: Ms. Hayden haydenm@smhs.org
President: Yannis A. and Daniel Y. 

The Noble Path Foundation Club - Service

The club is intended to help promote healthy lifestyles to teenagers. It aims to support and help teens develop healthy habits in their social, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of their lives. There are also different programs to participate in through TNFP such as Aim High and Dream it Be it.

Moderator: Ms. Moreno morenoa@smhs.org
President: Adelene A.    

The Sandwich Club - Service

The Club is titled “The Sandwich Club,” and its purpose is to gather community and raise awareness of the effects of hunger and homelessness.  We will be meeting monthly to make "meals" of bagged lunches including, PB&J sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, etc. , a piece of whole fruit, granola bar and water as well as a hand written note of encouragement for those being housed in the emergency shelter. The Friendship Shelter is committed to guiding rehabilitation efforts for those afflicted by homelessness by providing the necessary support and tools to rehabilitate, and to allow the opportunity to enrich their lives with the necessities in life such as food and shelter.

Moderator: Mr. Green greend@smhs.org
President: Sammy S.

Underage Thinking Club - Academic

The purpose of the club is to discuss modern controversial topics such as cancel culture or politics in order to encourage critical thinking and develop healthy communication and debate skills. What we learn from our discussions can be incorporated into written work for journaling.

Moderator: Ms. Schmidt schmidtk@smhs.org
President: Daniel Y.  

Voices of Asia Outreach - Social

To improve literacy and education on the diverse cultures that fall under the broad term “Asian”. And second, to expand the appreciation and understanding of these cultures through community-driven events. 

Throughout the year, our club will organize events such as workshops, community readings, and collaborations with local Asian communities. These events will not only provide a platform for learning and exchange but also showcase the beauty, depth, and complexity of Asian cultures.

Moderator: Ms. Zhang zhangd@smhs.org  
President: Haotian X. 

Your Story Matters - Service

Your Story Matters is non-profitable organization based out of Aliso Viejo. This organizations mission is to spread awareness of suicide prevention in teens. Our club will focus on suicide prevention, anti-bullying, and mental health. We hope that by showing our community that their story matters, we will save lives one day at a time. Our activities will include once a monthly meeting for teenagers where they will have the opportunity to serve for the organization such as make blankets, painting events, NAMI walk event, egg hunt event, and many more events that the organization is planning soon. Each event will require the help of our club's members in cleaning, organizing, and participating as service. 

Moderator: Mr. Melton meltons@smhs.org
President: Avery R.