Student Clubs

Make sure to carefully read and understand all club policies, as the policies and application have changed. All clubs, even those who were approved during the 2021 - 2022 school year, must reapply for the 2022 - 2023 school year.

Club applications are accepted throughout the year (until February).  Club applications will be reviewed the first week of each month by SMCHS ASB Commissioners of Student Clubs.  Any questions about clubs can be sent to clubs@smhs.org 


Get involved! Students interested in joining a club may do so at any point during the school year.


2022 - 2023 Clubs
ACSL - Academic

Moderator: Mr. Huerta huertai@smhs.org                                                    
President: Kaitlyn L

Allergy Awareness Club - Academic 

Students will educate and raise awareness about allergy and intolerance present in our community.

Moderator: Ms. Tupajic tupajicc@smhs.org                                                
President: Camilia H  

Animal Rescue Club - Service

Moderator: Mr.Ammann ammanna@smhs.org                                             
President: Kailey R. , Emily E. 

Anime Club - Social

Students who are fans of anime will gather, talk and make new friends; including watching and discussing anime.  

Moderator: Ms. Poyar poyarc@smhs.org                                             
President: Daniel L.  

Asian American Cultural Club - Social 

Students will fosters an inclusive environment to explore and appreciate all Asian cultures. 

Moderator: Ms. Zhang zhangd@smhs.org                                                 
President: Ethan K. 

C.H.A.N.G.E. Club - Social                                                  

(Challenging Human Apathy by Nurturing Global Empathy).SM students will learn about and discuss many different racial, gender, socioeconomic, etc. issues prevalent in our world today, while simultaneously learning more about each other. Some topics the club will touch upon at its monthly meetings may include: diversity, equity, representation, and more.

Moderator: Ms. Bigdeli bigdelib@smhs.org                                                     
President: Mia T.  

CASA Teens Club - Service                                                   

Supports the purpose and activities of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) through awareness, community outreach and fundraising.   
Moderator: Ms. Maas maasd@smhs.org                                                       
President: Ryan C. 

Catholic Relief Service- Service

The club supports and seeks to engage students of SMCHS in the programs and the values of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops' official organization for overseas service, which is Catholic Relief Service.    

Moderator: Mr. Swoboda  swobodaj@smhs.org Mrs. Townsend  townsendc@smhs.org
President: Isabella B.

Chess Club - Social

Moderator: Mr. Engel engelt@smhs.org                                                
President: Daniel L.

Classics Club - Academic

Moderator: Mr. Gerlach gerlacht@smhs.org
President: Sage R. 

Comfort Cross Club - Service

Students work together and with outside organizations to support those who are struggling with physical illnesses, providing handmade crosses and prayer cards.  

Moderator: Ms. Zepeda zepedak@smhs.org                                                   
President: Brooke & Emma M

Dressember Club - Social

The Dressember Foundation is an anti-trafficking non-profit organization that generates awareness and fundraises for programs fighting human trafficking.

Moderator: Ms. Zepeda  zepedak@smhs.org                                                
President: Sophia V. & Avery P.

Eagle Outreach Club - Service

Votes on a new cause or charity each quarter and works to support that organization.

Moderator: Mr. Morales moralesr@smhs.org   
President: Grace G.

Eagles 4 Kids - Service

Moderator: Ms. Cutcher cutchert@smhs.org
President: Michael C.

Eagles for CHOC Club - Service 

Humanitarian Club dedicated to helping the teenage patient population at the CHOC Hospital through various events such as the CHOC Walk at Disneyland and Christmas Sock Drive.

Moderator: Mrs. Volpo & Ms. Wood volpol@smhs.org woodr@smhs.org           
President: Celine B.

Eagles in Engineering - Academic

Moderator: Mr. Huerta huertai@smhs.org                          
President: Jillyan C.

ESports - Social

Students compete together against other local schools in a variety of e-sport games. 

Moderator: Mr. LeBlanc  leblancc@smhs.org 

Fashion and Design Club – Social

Students will discuss new trends and past design events and looks

Moderator: Tiffany Bromm  brommt@smhs.org  
President: Ava B.

Fishing Club - Social

For students interested in fishing; they join together and build a strong sense of community around an activity all members love. 

Moderator: Mr. Melton meltons@smhs.org   
President: Douglas N. 

Future Business Leaders of America Club - Academic

Give student an opportunity to discuss business-related question and give opportunity for students who intend to participate the FBLA competition and WGHS 

Moderator: Mr.Ammann ammanna@smhs.org
President: Keke C.

Forever Friends of DSAOC - Service

Moderator: Mr. Bellosi bellosid@smhs.org
President: Rachel P. & Karina Y. 

French Club - Academic

Moderator: Mrs. Hayden haydenm@smhs.org
President: Yannis A. and Daniel Y.

Hack Club SMCHS - Social 


Moderator: Ms. Wagner wagnerh@smhs.org 
President: Max F.

Houdini Magic Club - Service 

Students perform magic tricks that range from cool card tricks to tricks that include props for locals seniors.  

Moderator: Ms. Diane Zhang zhangd@smhs.org  
President: Tyler R 

International Students Club - Social 

Students come together to educate and celebrate the events and traditional festivals for the home countries of our international students . All students are welcome. 

Moderator:  Mr. Higgins higginsp@smhs.org
President: Yang L.

International Thespian Society Talon Theatre Troupe -Social


Moderator: Ms. Barth bartha@smhs.org
President: Ethan D.

Iranian American Cultural Club - Social

The Iranian American Cultural Club celebrates the rich and beautiful culture, from Ancient Persia to modern Iranian culture. The club will celebrate traditions from Persian New Year to Yalda. All students are welcome. 

Moderator:  Ms. Kmett  kmettk@smhs.org
President: Nour R 

JSA (Junior Statesmen of America) Club - Academic

The JSA is a club which goes hand-in-hand with the Model United Nations program here at Santa Margarita due to the real-world topics and debates which take place throughout meetings.  

Moderator:  Mr. Coe coes@smhs.org 
President: Dorsa K 

Keys 2 Happiness Club - Service

Students perform at local senior homes via singing or playing instruments. 

Moderator: Ms. Duncan DuncanA@smhs.org 
President :Darius M 

Mandala Creative Writing Club - Social

Mandala is the SMCHS creative writing club and the title of the annual creative writing publication for SMCHS.  

Moderator: Mr. Fleming  flemingb@smhs.org   
President: Jackson B

Mandarin Club – Academic

Moderator: Ms. Zhang zhangd@smhs.org
President: Jackson B.

Marketing/Advertising Club - Social

Moderator: Mr.Kuhl kuhlw@smhs.org
President: Michael M.

National Art Honor Society Club - Humanitarian

NAHS encourages high school art students to promote the arts around campus through events and activities. 

Moderator: Mrs. Harrell harrelln@smhs.org   

Operation Help a Hero - Service


Moderator: Mrs. Hayden haydenm@smhs.org 
President: Madeline H. 

Operation - STEM

A non-profit organization that offers free homework help for elementary school students at Rancho Santa Margarita Library

Moderator: Ms. Borowski borowskiw@smhs.org 
President: Sean K.

Photography Club - Social


Moderator: Ms. DeLain delainc@smhs.org
President: Kate H.

Platelets and Prayers


Moderator: Mrs. Thilken thilkent@smhs.org
President: Margret T.

Pre-Med Club - Academic

Students interested in the medical field will explore the path to medical school and expose students to different jobs in the medical field. In addition, we invite guest speakers to talk about their medical profession and medical journey. 

Moderator: Ms. Tupajic tupajicc@smhs.org 
President: Katherine L.

Psychology Education and Service Club - Academic

Moderator: Ms. Gavin  gavins@smhs.org
President: Natalie M. 

RAD Eagles Club - Service

Students get involved with the RAD community and put together activities with the campers throughout the year so they can feel connected to more people. 

Moderator: Mr. Trotter TrotterD@smhs.org 
President: Claire T.

Reading between the Spines - Social

The purpose of the club is for fellow book lovers to come together and read.  

Moderator: Mr. Trotter TrotterD@smhs.org 
President: Elizabeth S, Katarzyna S, Catherine B 

Rubik's Cube SpeedSolving - Social


Moderator: Mrs. Crede credek@smhs.org
President: Eric D.

Save the Nest - Service

Moderator: Ms. Sotelo sotelod@smhs.org
President: Diya S.

Science Club - Academic

This club is meant to be a general science club that incorporates students who share interests in all STEM fields. 

Moderator: Mrs. Tupajic tupajicc@smhs.org
President: Bernardo N.

SMbled Robotics- Academic

Moderator: Mr. LeBlanc leblancc@smhs.org  
President: Luke S.

SM Flying Club - Social

Moderator: Mr. Blanc BlancRon@smhs.org
President: Liam D. 

SM Math Team - Academic


Moderator: Dr. Cozean  cozeank@smhs.org
President: Emma L and Michael I.   

SM Ping Pong Club - Social

Moderator: Mr. Hickey hickeyk@smhs.org
President: Charlie J.

Spikeball Club - Social

Moderator: Mr. Melton meltons@smhs.org   
President: Cameron B. and RJ G.

Surfrider Club - Service

Helps to preserve the sea life and welfare of the beaches (pick up trash, etc.) 

Moderator:  Mr. Trotter TrotterD@smhs.org 
President: Griffin J.   

Table Top Games - Social


Moderator:  Mr. Gerdea  gardear@smhs.org
President: Amber B.

Talon Tutors - Service

Students do lessons to assist with homework in both art and STEM based experiments.  They also work with SM students making preset learning videos and one on one tutoring. 

Moderator: Mr. Robison robisonj@smhs.org
President: Misha G  

The Sandwich Club - Service


Moderator: Mr. Green greend@smhs.org
President: Sammy S.

United Through Basketball - Service


Moderator: Mr.Ammann ammanna@smhs.org                                             
President: Ray S.

You Can Sit With Us - Social

Moderator: Ms. Allen allenl@smhs.org 
President: Lauren K. 

Young Black Scholars - Academic

Moderator: Ms. De Coud decouds@smhs.org
President: Isabella G