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Get involved! Students interested in joining a club may do so at any point during the school year.

2019-2020 Student Clubs

The 2019-2020 Club Application process is now closed. The club application for the 2020-2021 school year will become available this summer!

Club Club PresidentClub Advisor
AI Through Python

Uses Python to collect data and make predictions. Will bring latest technology to campus and teach other students how to use it.

Xiangyu Gan Mr. Huerta
Art History and Culture

Students research on voted art period and create a web-page/digital magazine with art work from period w/ analysis each semester

Shelly Zhao

Ms. Adolph

Arts with Elders

Students guide senior citizens through step-by-step arts & crafts every first Sunday of the month @ Park Terrace

Alexandra Lansing

Mrs. Adolph

Beach Volleyball Club

Bring students together by playing beach volleyball which will allow members to play the sport at SM in the spring.

Kristin Bennington

Ms. Ashen

Big Brothers, Big Sisters Club

With the BBBS organization, members enroll in mentoring program that pairs them with young students to make connection

Michael Moreno

Dr. Galvez

Blankets of Courage

Students come together to make blankets and donate them to kids in hospitals

Brian Coyne and Sophia Sallee

Carly Gordon


Students receive unreleased books and write online book reviews based off what they've read.

Lindley Kate McKenzie

Ms. Laudato


Brings students together to learn Rubik's Cube solving

Yuhan (Alex) Chen

Mr. Lau

Car Culture

Brings together students passionate about cars and will show off cars, talk about parts, and go on scenic routes.

Kahanu Dumas

Mr. Garcia

Chronicles of Yarnia

Learn how to crochet and donate items for service hours

Sydney Montague & Lauren Bae

Mrs. Shaffer

CnK Pop Club

Members will learn street dance and rap and learn background of hip pop

Zixuan Wang

Ms. Duncan

CTR Club

Makes posters promoting the credo "Choose the Right," or, in other words, do the right thing.

Dominique Rubalcava

Ms. Crede

Drone Club

Students learn the physics behind drones and gain opportunity to pilot drones

Hannah Walz

Mr. Lau

Eagles Against Human Trafficking

Educate students on human trafficking which includes having guest speakers. Also raises money for the cause and makes care packages for survivors.

Carina Bachmann

Mr. Justice

Eagles Edge

Mr. Frank Pisano (wealth manager) and other guest speakers teach students real life business strategies on many topics

Dylan Chow

Mr. Muniz

Eagles E-Sports Club

Provides students with an opportunity to compete in E-Sports League and receive scholarships

Dane Sadri

Mr. Omlin

Eagles for CHOC

CHOC walk and fundraising

Madison Clark

Mrs. Volpo

and Mrs. Wood

Eagles for Equality

Women from unrepresented occupations speak to students about their field and students can ask questions and learn from it.

Kelly Travis

Mr. Donahue

Enabling the Future

3-D printing prosthetics for kids

Grace Concialdi

Ms. Tupajic

Endow Group for High School Girls

Christian Book Club with Endow Books

Catherine Nilsen

Mrs. Rangel

Fashion Club

Educate students about the fashion industry for a possible career

Courtney Miller

Mrs. Podrusky

Filipino American Cultural and Charity

Fundraise money to donate to struggling Filipino families and expose people to Filipino culture.

Amber Castor & Sydney Oducado

Mr. Lopez

Food Allergy and Intolerance Awareness

Educates students on food allergies and nutrition

Audrey Drew

Ms. Tupajic

FPSPI (Future Problem Solving Program International

FPSPI organization makes an impact on students through developing critical thinking and content retention

Emma Mckenzie

Mr. Cappuchilli

Friendship Shelter

Volunteers at Friendship shelter in Laguna Beach by making meals and getting donations of necessary goods.

Ryan Sears

Ms. Johnson

Future Business Leaders of America

FBLA Conferences

Angela ZhangMr. Kuhl
Grace Notes

Perform at local senior homes via singing or playing instruments through CareChoices

Joshua Swanson

Mr. Whang

Gratia Dei

Encourage students to serve the community, including during the holidays.

McKenna Morgan

Dr. Galvez

Hope 4 Hawaii

Raises money for the Hawaiian Mission. Will also provide essentials through drives and fundraisers.

Antoinette Abdelmalek

Mr. Downey


Affiliated with Rotary - students engage in various service-oriented activities.

Jimmy Serpa


International Relations Club

Encourages students to attend World Affairs Council Orange County ("WACOC") and discuss current events and research topics

Angela Zhang


Isaiah's Friends

Provides meals to Isaiah House and gather inventory for them and organize fun activities

Katie Flores

Mrs. Rangel

Jazz Club

Expands musicians' understanding of jazz genre through improvisation and learn 6 songs for live performance

John Bishop

Miss Duncan

K.I.D.S Club

Hosts donation drives at school to Delivering Good organization.

Britney Khalili

Mr. Huerta

Keys 2 Happiness

Perform at local senior homes via singing or playing instruments

Ashkaan Mahjoob

Mr. Cooper

Lego Club

LEGO Digital Designer Software. Teaches creative building drills.

Hannah Walz

Mr. Huerta

Lonely Whale

Advocates SM to be environmental friendly with PowerPoint presentations, education, and guest speakers

Brianna Jahangiri

Mr. Carvalho

Los Perritos de Orosi

Fundraises for the Shelter, Asociacion Voz Animal Refugio which help dogs in Costa Rica. (Donates collars, toys, etc.)

Jenna Scheitauer

Ms. Gordon

Love for Laura's House

Fundraising/make baskets for kids at Laura's House

Amanda Duffy & Lyndsey Issa

Ms. Ford

Marvel Club

Watch Marvel movies and discuss and analyze production of meaning and develop a better understanding of the movies.

Rachel Do

Ms. Laudato

National Arts Honors Society

NAHS encourages high school art students to promote the arts around campus

Evan Tuesta

Mrs. Harrell

Operation Christmas Child

Pack shoeboxes with supplies for kids around the world

Lauren Whitley

Ms. Mitchell

Opinions of the Future

Members meet to discuss specific topics in politics. Suppose to be an open forum style "debate"

Nicole Balian

Ms. Ford

Peers in MUN

MUN Mentors help MUN students and help them prepare for all upcoming conferences

Chloe Grubb

Ms. Gordon

Pink Ribbon Club

Raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, night with speaker, dash-for-cash, and pink out @ games

Macy Lustig

Mrs. Flynn


Spread the interest of computer science and teach students how to use Html and JavaScript through Raspberry Pi

Sonali Madisetti

Mr. Cozean

Red Cross Club

Holds blood drives at school

Nicholas Leavell

Mr. Visconti

Ronald McDonald Club

Helps families with sick children by providing food and housing and visit Ronald McDonald House in Orange.

Gianna Memo

Ms. Freeman

SM LaunchX

Club supported by LaunchX, and MIT organization. Uses their curriculum to assist them in starting their own companies.

David Feng & Jack O'Keefe

Mr. Mendoza

SM Spikeball Club

Students play spikeball

John Byszewski

Mr. Byszewski

SMbly Required

Teach students about engineering design and machine building. Participates in FRC Robotics league.

Aidan Boyd

Mr. Lawrence

Soaring Pre-Med

Expose students to the medical field by discussing exploring pre-medical studies.

Ashley Park & Nicolas Maramica

Ms. Tupajic

SportsFilms Club

Members watch sports films and pay $5 to see them. Each screening's profits will go to Angels Baseball Foundation.

Ryan Jacobin

Dr. Morales

Star String Club

Students interested in string instruments come together and hold a concert at the end of the year.

Ruoqi Xiong

Mr. Whang

STEAM for All School Chapter

Offers service opportunities to students through STEAM that includes helping at schools for the underprivileged

Kevin Zhang

Mr. Ternes

Students for Safe Water

Members organize fundraisers through dine-in events and recycling

Grace Dennis

Mr. Kremer

Surfrider Club

Helps to preserve the sea life and welfare of the beaches (pick up trash, etc.)

Claire Zielinski

Mr. Trotter

The Breakfast Club

Potluck style breakfast held every last Friday of the month to bring people together

Natalie Mitchell

Mr. Kremer

The International Club

The International Club serves to share diverse cultures with all students from many different ethnic backgrounds, encouraging a welcoming environment for all

Shuyi NiuMrs. Keane
Thespian Honor Society

Instills good theater ethics and awards students through point system based on # of hours of theater work

Ella Lao

Mrs. Barth

TV Club

Students gather in the library to relax and watch some TV to de-stress in the library

Luke Kamiya

Ms. Laudato

PUNICEF/ A Ray of Hope Club

Fundraise for UNICEF and educate students on current events that affect children

Bella Longhi

Mr. Kremer


Club will provide uniforms for children in Tijuana and promote education and well being in Mexico

Tamara Hirschman

Mr. Hirschman

United Through Basketball Club

Basketball clinics held @ Marian Alliance schools in Santa Ana and hosted by students and intended fundraisers

Ryan Hallisy

Mr. Justice

Varsity Arts

Spread art around school by decorating with Christmas mason jars, murals, and sets for theater

Grace Dunscombe

Mrs. Harrell


Students help spread awareness about mental illness

Haochen Miao

Mr. Calbreath

You Belong

Students gather together and attend Mass after school

Nicole Forrester

Mr. Visconti

Mandala Creative Writing Club
Mandala is the SMCHS creative writing club and the title of the annual creative writing publication for SMCHS. Club members meet on a regular basis and engage in a variety of activities. Mandala meets after school in Mr. Fleming's room, 212 Crean Hall (B212). New members are always welcome.

Mr. Fleming







Make sure to carefully read and understand all club policies, as the policies and application have changed. All clubs, even those who were approved during the 2018-2019 school year, must reapply for the 2019-2020 school year.