First Lunch: Crean Hall (B building), Talon Dome, Borchard Science Labs (C building), Academic Services Center (S building), All Science Classes

Second Lunch: Lyon Hall (A building), Trailers (T buildings), Eagle Athletic Center (R building), Moiso Family Pavilion (Gym), G Building, Library

For questions regarding campus dining, please email campusdining@smhs.org


Campus Dining will have the following schedule: 

All orders are contactless payment (Apple Pay, Credit Cards, etc.) except Fooda. 

Monday: May 16th

  • Fooda (Cash Accepted)
  • NewStart Nutrition

Tuesday: May 17th

  • Hanna's On Campus 

Wednesday: May 18th
  • Fooda (Cash Accepted)
  • NewStart Nutrition
Thursday: May 19th
  • No Lunch Service

Friday: May 20th
  • No Lunch Service



Starbucks will be on campus Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

All items must be pre-ordered by 8am the morning of service.

Coffee, Refreshers, Bakery Items, Breakfast Sandwiches available for pickup at both lunches.

*New Items Added!

Click here to place your Starbucks order



Fooda will be providing a rotation of restaurants on our campus every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Food will be served fresh and made to order. Each restaurant will offer a condensed version of their menu at in-store prices.

(Cash/CC/Apple Pay)



**We are currently working with Everbowl to correct the ordering system. Please stand by for further updates. 2/22/2022 


*Please order between 7am-9am on the morning you would like your bowl for lunch.  

Click here to download the app and to order


NewStart Nutrition will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Energize your lunch with unbelievably tasty Protein Shakes, Protein Coffee, Energy Teas, Hydration Drinks, and Protein Snacks (gluten and dairy free available). Click here for exciting menu updates! 

*Orders accepted until 9am the morning of service. Please only place your order for same day pick up (do not preorder for the week).  

View the menu and order



Cold brew and lunch provided by Hanna's on Campus.

 Pre-orders will be accepted through lunch service, for Tuesday and Thursday Pick-up. A limited number of walk up items will be available at lunch service. Students can pick up pre-ordered items during both lunches.


(CC/Apple Pay)

Click here to order Hanna's 



A rotation of local restaurants provided by Eagle Eats.

Eagle Eats will be available for ordering every Friday at 3 p.m. to order lunch for the upcoming  Wednesday. Orders will be accepted until Wednesday (day of service) at 8 a.m. 

(CC/Apple Pay)

Click here to order Eagle Eats