Class T-shirts

Class T-shirts sales for the 2023 - 2024 school year have ended.

Class T-shirts are available for pickup by students on Thursday, September 7 and Friday, September 8 during both lunches and during academic period in the Caritas Christi Center.

If you forgot to order a class t-shirt, activities will make an announcement mid-September if additional t-shirts are available for purchase.

Class T-Shirt Dates: 
Tuesday, September 12
Tuesday, October 10
Tuesday, November 14
Tuesday, December 12
Tuesday, January 9
Tuesday, February 13
Tuesday, March 12
Tuesday, April 9
Tuesday, May 14

2023-2024 School Year ASB CARD

Continue to save money on ASB sponsored events throughout the school year. ASB Cards for the 2023-24 school year are available for purchase. Purchase your ASB Card today and earn discounts on items and events throughout the school year. Purchasing an ASB Card is a great way to support SMCHS activities and save money on ASB sponsored events throughout the school year.

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ID Cards All Students will have their photo taken during SOARientation or the first week of school and be issued a SMCHS ID Card.

Students, if you need a student ID card reprinted, or replaced – email idcardreplacement@smhs.org to set up a time to replace your ID. ID replacement cards cost $20 (credit card and apple pay accepted).  Replacement and new IDs can be printed in the front office.  Any new student who still needs an ID, stop by to have your ID card printed at no cost.  


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