Safety & Security

SMCHS is committed to providing a safe and secure Catholic education environment for students, employees and visitors. In order to effectively do so, several policies and procedures are in effect and are detailed in the Parent Student Handbook.

Closed CampusSMCHS is a closed campus. Those entering campus are agreeing to abide by school rules and local/federal laws. All vehicles and persons entering or leaving the campus are subject to search and inspection. Contact campus security at (949) 279-7690

School hours:
Campus - 6 am - 10 pm

Welcome Center - 7 am - 3:30 pm (M-F)

Visitor PolicyAll visitors must schedule an appointment prior to arriving to campus. Parents/visitors are to park in designated visitor parking stalls and check in at the Welcome Center, located next to the front gates of campus. Visitors must present a valid driver's license or government-issued ID. Once checked in, parents/visitors must display a valid visitor's badge at all times while on campus. In the interest of campus security, visitors may be refused access to campus or be asked to leave campus during their visit. Contact campus security at (949) 279-7690

Food Delivery policyUber Eats and Door Dash are NOT permitted on campus during school hours.

All outside food must be approved by campus dining and security prior to being allowed on campus. Email campusdining@smhs.org for any questions.


The Text-A-Tip number (949) 682-UTIP or
(949) 682-8847

The texts are reviewed by our Orange County Sherriff’s School Resource Officer and by school administration. Although these texts are confidential (identities will not be disclosed), they are not anonymous. Intentionally false or misleading texts are taken very seriously, and could result in school discipline or investigation by the Orange County Sherriff’s Department.

Video Cameras

SMCHS utilizes camera systems to monitor and record areas of campus.

First Aid

SMCHS has stored first aid supplies as well as food and water for each person on campus during each school year.

Lost & Found/ Will Call
Lost & Found/Will Call is located at the Welcome Center. Lost and Found inquiries can be made at the Welcome Center.

Will Call items should be labeled prior to drop off. Items are placed on a rack, which is kept behind the Welcome Center (campus side). Any items left on the rack at the end of each quarter will be donated/disposed of. 

Emergency Preparedness and Reunification

In the event of an earthquake/disaster, SMCHS will hold all students on campus for up to 72 hours. Each parent is required to complete and sign an emergency release form, stating those persons who have permission to take custody of their student. Students will be released only to those mentioned on the release card. Students will be held in a safe area of the campus.

Preparedness Drills

SMCHS conducts ongoing preparedness drills to train students and employees on what to do in the event of an on-campus incident.


If necessary, Santa Margarita will utilize the local news media, social media and the school website to distribute information regarding any school closures.

See Something, Say Something

9-1-1 should be called for any life-threatening incident. For non-life-threatening response, students, employees and concerned parties are encouraged to use Text-A-Tip at (949) 682-8847, TIPS Incident Reporting or call the after-hours campus security phone number. Campus Security can be reached at (949) 279-7690 from 7 am to 10 pm.