Christian Service

Of the many ways in which a high school student experiences the world, perhaps one of the most meaningful is through serving others. In serving, we are given the opportunity to see through God’s eyes. The goal of service is to develop, in each student, the art of recognizing, comprehending and caring for the needs of others.

Santa Margarita’s service program provides grade-level service projects that both inform students about Catholic social justice teaching and immerse them in being Christ to “the least of these.” Service hours are coupled with reflective assignments that integrate life experience into the Christian service curriculum. Through the projects, Santa Margarita students live out the Gospel values and the school charism of Caritas Christi by respecting all life, developing compassion, being a voice for the marginalized and collaborating in bringing the kingdom of God to our community. Completion of every grade-level service project, while a student attends Santa Margarita, is a graduation requirement. Each project includes reflections.

Time doing service, whether for a grade-level project or for extra-curricular purposes, is recorded in our online service program x2VOL. All students are registered in x2VOL through their registration process.

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“Look at this Heart which has loved humanity so much…through you My divine Heart wishes to spread its love everywhere on earth.” - Christ's words to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Lumen Christi Service Project: Junior and Senior Years

The Lumen Christi project is a two-year program encompassing a student’s junior and senior years. Unlike the freshman and sophomore years, students choose a service focus from one of four general areas: poverty, environmental justice, serving those with physical/developmental disabilities or teaching your faith. Juniors and seniors must complete 40 hours of direct service, 20 per year, with a nonprofit agency that is associated with the category they have chosen. One of the goals of the Lumen Christi project is to enable students to grow in their knowledge of the Catholic tradition of holiness, Catholic spirituality and Catholic social teachings. This experiential knowledge is enhanced and deepened through the Santa Margarita religion curriculum as well as six scheduled Christian service “break-outs” or seminars as well as a reflection process.

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The Agnus Dei Project: Sophomore Year

Founded by the Council of Orange, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Second Harvest began providing food for the hungry in October of 1983 in Orange. With the help of supporters and volunteers, Second Harvest Food Bank works through a network of 190 nonprofit partner agencies and programs to provide wholesome food and fresh produce to more than 250,000 hungry children, seniors and families in Orange County every month. This year, all sophomores in conjunction with their religion class, will be assisting Second Harvest in collecting food and serving in their warehouse.

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The Caritas Christi Service Project: Freshman Year

Each freshman serves as a coach/mentor to an athlete with special needs at the annual SMCHS Special Olympic Track and Field Meet held March 2, 2018. During the weeks leading up to the meet, freshman have an intensive orientation so they are prepared and can best support the needs of their athlete.

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