Christian Service

Christian Service

The goal of Christian service at Santa Margarita is that students grow in their relationship with Christ through direct service to the poor and vulnerable; grow in empathy for those different from themselves; and gain understanding of the Catholic Church’s commitment to life and social justice.

Service is at the heart of Santa Margarita’s charism, Caritas Christi, which means “the love of Christ.” The four principles of Caritas Christi: Humility, Compassion, Goodness and Justice are lived out in a life serving others.

The Caritas Christi Project: Religion 1

The Caritas Christi Project is a class wide introduction to the service experience at Santa Margarita.

The Corpus Christi Project: Religion 2


The Caritas Christi Project: Religion 2

Corpus Christi means Body of Christ, and in this project, we focus on feeding those members of the Body of Christ who do not have the means to feed themselves.

Lumen Christi Project:
Religion 3 & 4

The Lumen Christi project is a continuation of the Christian service experience for students in religion 3 and religion 4. Students choose one or more nonprofits to serve with.

Service Opportunities

In the best interest of vulnerable communities, it is NEVER ok to take part in direct (face to face) service, if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have come in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. We urge the SM community to exercise an abundance of caution for the sake of our brothers and sisters most in need.

Service opportunities are organized by contact level. All opportunities published are approved for Christian Service hours.  

Service Awards