Theme : In God's Time
Kairos is all about stepping into God's time. The atmosphere on a Kairos retreat offers Seniors the opportunity to be with God and to experience His presence through community. Kairos is more than a retreat, it is a journey. The best way to understand the way the Lord moves on this retreat is to experience it for yourself.



Theme : Mustard Seed
Jesus tells us in Scripture that if only we had faith the size of a mustard seed, we could move mountains. This retreat creates a faith foundation that will carry Freshmen through their four years at SM & beyond, allowing them to truly feel apart of the Eagle family, wherever they are in their walk with God.



Theme : Prodigal Son

Sometimes we stray & turn our back on God. Yet our Father in Heaven forgives us and waits patiently for our return. This retreat takes Sophomores into a deeper realization of God's unrelenting mercy, allowing them the opportunity to fall deeper into the ocean of His grace.



Theme : Good Samaritan

Who is our neighbor & how do we follow the Lord's call to love them, even when they have hurt us? This retreat takes Juniors on a unique journey through this well known parable, allowing them the chance to connect with the Lord & with each other in a transformative & profound way.