Kairos - Senior retreat

Kairos is all about stepping into God’s time. The atmosphere on a Kairos retreat offers seniors the opportunity to be with God and to experience His presence through their community. Kairos is more than a retreat, it is a journey. Students get the chance to intimately reflect on their life and discern where God is calling them in the future. There are five Kairos retreats hosted for the senior class throughout the year. One retreat is hosted in the summer, two in the fall, one in the winter, and one retreat in the spring. Since much of the Kairos experience is meant to be a surprise, you have to experience this retreat to fully understand how powerful it can be.

Freshman Retreat

Theme: Encounter

Have you encountered the living God? Have you experienced the love of Jesus? Have you felt the power of the Holy Spirit? This overnight retreat will give students the opportunity to encounter God, who is real and present in their lives. We journey with students while seeking answers to some of life’s most important questions: “Who is God?” and “Who am I?” There will be games, talks, music, reconciliation, adoration, Mass, prayer, and a whole lot fun along the way.

Junior Retreat


This retreat focuses on the life of St. Paul and how he became an unstoppable force for God. We take time to reflect on Saint Paul’s journey/mission and how it applies to our life. Students will be challenged to live boldly and walk humbly with God just like the great apostle. This retreat includes a ropes course, team building activities, inspiring talks, student testimonies, small group time, confession, adoration and Mass.

Sophomore Retreat


Sometimes we stray and turn our back on God. Yet our Father in Heaven forgives us and waits patiently for our return. Sophomore retreat takes students into a deeper realization of God’s unrelenting love and mercy. Students will hear great talks, student testimonies, participate in small groups, prayer, adoration, reconciliation and Mass. They will also experience team building activities such as rope courses, hiking, and zip lining.