What is Career Day?

On our Annual Career Day, we invite our alumni from various professions and industries to come back to campus and speak to the juniors about what they do and how they each got to where they are now in their careers. Juniors receive valuable advice, insight and networking opportunities on this day. 

Meet Career Day 2023 Speakers

Additional Speakers


Patrick Keane '91

Josh Mooney '92

Adam Volpo '16

Brad Finneran ‘94

Erin Fallon Finneran ‘94

Ashleigh Barlow ‘00

Rachel Mashburn ‘99

Ander Sevilla ‘16

Matthew Strickroth ‘98

Joe Vetter ‘91

Matthew Lopez ‘99

Mike Curtis ‘98

Clara Song ‘91

Kathryn Emery ‘93

Chris Long ‘97

Perla Shaheen ‘16

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Career Day 2021 Panelists