Bell Schedule

2022-23 Printable Calendars

2022-23 Bell Schedules

Use the bell schedules in conjunction with the Master Calendar. The Master Calendar lists each day’s bell schedule and the period rotation.

First Lunch: Crean Hall (B building), Talon Dome, Borchard Science Labs (C building), Academic Services Center (S building), All Science Classes

Second Lunch: Lyon Hall (A building), Trailers (T buildings), Eagle Athletic Center (R building), Moiso Family Pavilion (Gym), G Building, Library

  • School starting and ending time is highlighted.
  • Periods 1-7 rotate.
  • Details for bell schedules noted as "Special Schedules" on the SM Master Calendar may be found on the school's website under the heading of Parents, then Bell Schedules as well as the school's app
  • Please reference the school's app, website and calendar for the most current information regarding events and bell schedules.
  • Students can use the Academic Period to make up tests, get extra help from teachers, meet with counselors, take a break in designated supervised areas, and for other opportunities.
  • Meetings are for faculty/staff.