Safe Homes

Santa Margarita Catholic High School Parents Working Together to Support & Strengthen Our Students Against the Pressures to Use Alcohol & Drugs.

  • This program is sponsored & administrated by the SMCHS PTG Executive Board
  • This program is also supported & encouraged by SMCHS faculty, staff and administration

Safe Homes Pledge:

  • We will not allow gatherings or parties in our home without adult supervision
  • We will not serve or allow students under the legal drinking age to consume alcohol in our home or on our property
  • We will not allow the use of illegal drugs in our home or on our property

What is the Safe Homes Program?

The Safe Homes Program is a voluntary union of parents to promote a healthy attitude against underage and illegal alcohol and drug use by SMCHS students. All parents who are committed to adhering to the Safe Homes Pledge are offered the opportunity to sign the Safe Homes commitment card and be included on the Safe Homes list. Please note: In order to be included on the Safe Homes list, you must sign-up each year.

By working together and setting a positive example, we can let our young people know that drugs and alcohol are not an essential part of social occasions. By providing "safe homes" for our students to gather and socialize and by uniting in our message against alcohol and drug use, we can encourage our students to have the strength and courage to resist peer pressure.

While we enjoy the support of the SMCHS administration, faculty and staff - the Safe Homes Program is a parent-run program, sponsored by the SMCHS PTG and administered by the PTG Executive Board.

As a Safe Homes parent, you are encouraged to:
  • Communicate with your students and to talk to them about your Safe Homes commitment
  • Know your students' friends
  • Communicate with the parents of your students' friends
  • Know where your students are and let them know where you are
  • Have your students call you if they are "uncomfortable" and want to be picked up
  • Be awake (or awakened) when your students come home at night
  • Cooperate with other parents and school officials

Safe Homes Recommendations:

When hosting a party:
  • Welcome calls from other parents
  • Be a visible chaperone
  • Permit attendance by invitation only, have a guest list and do not permit party crashers
  • Let guests know that once they leave, they may not return
  • Notify the parents of anyone possessing or appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
When your student is invited to a gathering at someone's home:
  • Call the host parent
  • Verify the activity, time and location
  • Confirm there will be adult supervision
  • Confirm that no alcohol or drugs will be permitted
  • If you are uncomfortable, do not allow your student to attend
If you become aware of a Safe Homes Pledge violation:

If you are comfortable, call the parent; they may be unaware of what occurred.